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Advanced EV Technology

We have development our own technology and also working with a number of partners in the development of our vehicles. MMC developments it’s own electric vehicle platform, self driving tech and battery packs and more.

Rolling Chassis

Mazibuko Motor Company

Our initial goal was to use a third party rolling chassis but because of the slow turn around times for testing and modifying of components when dealing a big company, we decided to  design and develop our own rolling chassis from the ground up.

Energy Storage

Battery Packs & Modules

Our M1B battery electric bakkie uses a lithium-ion battery cells stacked into modules that combine to make one large pack.

Our battery modules, packs and management systems are developed in house. Giving us the freedom to control them and build a management system that learns your driving style and self optimizes itself.



Vehicle Features

Our outside vehicles technology includes self-extracting camera’s that act as rear-view mirrors, automatic car door handles, etc… These have been chosen to help increase the vehicles aerodynamics which helps with the driving range.

Future of Mobility

Automated, Connected, & Shared Electric Vehicles

MMC vehicles are designed from the ground up to not only be electric but to also have automated driver assist systems (ADAS), and to be connected and automated vehicles (CAV). Artificial intelligence and machine learning will give them the ability to be fully self-driving in the future.


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