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MMC Joins Alliance With Foxconn

Mazibuko Motor Company has joined forces with one of the largest contract manufacturers in the world Foxconn in the development of an open-source EV platform, the MiH EV Open Platform.

As a start-up that’s facing a number of challenges with entering the automotive industry, we wanted to be part of the MIH Alliance which aims to address those challenges.

According to the MIH overview, there are three major challenges facing the traditional automotive industry: high development costs, long lead times, and insufficient resources.

In response to these challenges, we built an open Electric Vehicle (EV) platform, called the MiH which is available to all partners and third-party developers to utilize as they develop functional attributes and systems that will support the growth of the whole EV market. It provides developers with the essential hardware and software components to build upon, in the formation of a complete EV industry ecosystem

Some of the partners in the alliance include Amazon Web Services, Arm, CATL, DANA, Eaton, Microsoft, and more. Details can be found on the Foxconn website here

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