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Mazibuko Motor Company

About The Campaign

The purpose for this crowdfunding campaign is to help us continue working on the development of our vehicle. Funders will be get a number of pecks with one of the them being able to name the pick-up. The M1B is the stand-in name but we want to invite the public, and our funders specifically to get a chance to give South Africa’s first bakkie a name. 

Use of Funds

Donor Benefits

Rewards and Benefits of Getting involved
Our Network

Suppliers & Partners

Mazibuko Motor Company has partnered with a number of big and small corporations around the world. We are continuously building and forming partnerships that will help us build a fleet of electric vehicles and clean energy solutions

customer focus

Our Products & Services

M1B Pick-Up

South Africa's first battery-electric pick-up. The pick-up is our first vehicle model with a battery pack of 120kWh, 500kW dual motors and a range of 400km

MMC EV Platform

A full integrated and scalable EV platform that combines crash management, electrical and electronic architecture, thermal management systems, a scalable battery pack and flexi frame

Mazibuko Motor Company - Charging Station

Charging Stations

Battery-electric vehicle battery charging stations. These can used by MMC vehicles and other EV's. Spread across the country these will help with cross country travel


Energy Solutions

Solar and energy storage solutions for home and industrial use. Our quest for going carbon zero includes using power generated from clean energy.


Dear Reader,

If you’re reading this it means you’re are or about to be part of our crowdfunding campaign. It’s been a long eight months of us, working on the development of our vehicle, platform and forming strategic partnerships. To date we have done all this work while being self-funded but now in order to move to the next stage of our growth and development, we need your help and part of that help is by donating to our crowdfunding campaign. 



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Contact Info

Please feel free to contact us about any clarity concerning our crowdfunding campaign.

Call Us: (+27)76 908 6928

Mazibuko Motors

A quest to build a carbon zero transport system